Photo Printing

We provide various print sizes which matched your requirements. We use silver halide printing technology and the photo paper used for printing is Konica or Fuji as per the availability of stock. Each and every print order passes through several manual processes. The cropping, color correction, and printing are done under strict supervision of our quality control people and we have been successful in giving the maximum available print output for the quality of images provided by our customers.

Photo Card

Photo cards are an excellent way of expressing your love, care and affection to your dear and near. Printonica photo card comes with a photo, a message and signature which customers can decide and provide us. We have variety of card templates suitable for various occasions like birthday, holi, anniversary etc. The card is printed one side with the template, photo and the message imposed into it in the way its shown in the template and the card is send to the recipient on behalf of the sender through Printonica. Please visit our pricing page for knowing the details of size, rates and shipping charges.

Photo Mug

Printonica provides 3 types of mugs (Normal, Animal Handle & Magic Mug) for you. All the types are well suited as a presentation article as well as a showcase one. All the mugs are 11 oz capacity. The normal mug is the basic models where as animal handle is one with a fancy handle. Magic mug is fancy as well as amazing. The photo printed on the surface will be visible only upon pouring hot liquid such as tea or hot water.


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